Tourism of Taste

Tourism of Taste
Tourism of Taste

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What is the role of cuisine in the growth of a territory?

Gastronomic tourism in Italy and France is steadily increasing: local cuisine is now fully considered a “heritage” and local agricultural products are a fundamental lever for promoting the Alpine cross-border territory.

“Tourism of Taste” is a project for the enhancement of innovation and the preservation of the territory’s gastronomy. The project brings together tourist actors who have decided to create a partnership to enhance the local food and wine heritage, through the enhancement of product quality and its processing by catering professionals.

Sustainable development, therefore, goes through the growth of local supply chains, which can make taste the true protagonist of the territory.

Project partners

Turismo Piemonte srl (Lead Partner), ATL Turismo Torino e Provincia, Consorzio per la Formazione, l’Innovazione e la Qualità, Réservation en Direct (Fairbooking), ASCOM CONFCOMMERCIO Imprese per l’Italia Torino e Provincia, Escartons and Waldensians Valleys LAG.


LAG actions

Hospitality Quality Card

The “Taste Tourism” Hospitality Quality Card is configured as a manifesto of values declined in specific actions through which the member entities (ranging from catering establishments to accommodation facilities) can tangibly share said principles.
The aim of this document is to contribute to the structuring of a cohesive tourist offer system and to the strengthening of the skills of the sector’s operators.

The Card is designed to be practical and easy to consult: the actions have been selected according to an approach that focuses on the behaviour to be adopted in the management of the activity, in the provision of services and in customer relations.

Discover the Hospitality Card: ITALIANO  FRANCAIS  ENGLISH   –   Manifesto Carta dell’Accoglienza ITA

"Taste Tourism" Hospitality Quality Card

Catalogue of typical products

A document collecting 39 typical products of the mountain territory of the Province of Turin, on the Italian side, and of the Savoy and Haute-Savoie departments, on the French side, highlighting the strong historical, cultural and gastronomic connection between these realities.

The aim is to promote typical local products by providing restaurant owners and trainers with a useful tool to get to know local products, as well as to make them known and use them in their activities, thus turning them into important factors of attraction for gastronomic tourism.

Discover the catalogue of typical products

Catalogue of typical products

Attraction cards

The attraction cards are a tool that brings together all the main places of historical, cultural and natural interest in the cross-border territory. Useful for tour operators and visitors wishing to learn more about the project area.

Attraction cards