What is a LAG?

The term LAG, an acronym for Local Action Group, identifies the company that coordinates, in a well-defined area, a project for the enhancement of a territory and involves public bodies, private companies, associations and other private stakeholders.

Operating in an area that stretches over the Alpine valleys of the Pinerolo basin, the Susa Valley and the Sangone Valley, the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG supports the local economic and social fabric by participating in projects, issuing public calls for tenders and providing funding for local entities. It also encourages territorial animation and the creation of networks between the area’s active forces.

We at the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG

From the local community to our team, always with the idea of putting people at the centre.

The working group of the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG is composed of professionals who know the area and work with passion to achieve a common goal.

Our operational structure is as follows:

  • Susanna Gardiol – Technical Director: She works closely with the Board of Directors, prepares the calls for tenders, verifies the conformity of the LAG studies and is responsible for the smooth running of the LAG team.
  • Gabriella Cogotzi – Administrative Manager: She works closely with the Technical Director and is responsible for the preliminary phase of tenders and administrative and financial management She acts as secretary to the Board of Directors.
  • Carlo Salot – Animator: He engages with the public through outreach activities, meetings, animation and assistance to public and private beneficiaries.
  • Lucia Canale – Secretariat: She carries out administrative secretarial tasks, as well as providing technical and organisational support in the preparation, implementation and dissemination phases of the Local Development Plan and follows up payment applications.
  • Susanne Nilsson – Project Manager:  European project writing, management and reporting.
  • Remy Baltieri – European Projects Communication: He is in charge of the communication of international projects, as well as providing technical and management support on projects.
  • Luca Versino – Highly apprenticed within the framework of the master’s degree in Green Sustainability Manager: He is in charge of the LAG’s all-round environmental sustainability, both for internal management and for our activities and actions.

The company

In formal terms, the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG is a limited liability company, governed by a Board of Directors of seven members: three Directors are appointed by the institutional component, while four Directors represent economic and social sectors.

Representing the whole territory, in its different facets, is an absolute priority. The company has, therefore, a mixed membership, with share capital consisting of public authorities and private partners, including consortia, associations and federations.

The Board of Directors (BoD) (Cda) consists of the following members:

  • BoD President: Patrizia Giachero
  • Board members: Luca Giai, Paolo Alberti, Stefania Fumagalli, Marco Bellora, Kezia Barbuio, Ezio Giaj


To find out more, consult the Administration – Transparency page.