You who visit it, you who inhabit it. How do you imagine a territory growing?

We want territorial development made up of partnerships, roots and people. A path where entities and companies, which know how to exploit the wealth of our valleys, can be accompanied and supported; where local citizens are given the necessary tools so that they can become the spark of sustainable growth.

This is the path taken by the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG.

In order to contribute to this development, we work on opening calls for tenders, participate in projects that are useful to the area and provide all-round territorial animation.

Networking, innovation and growth. This is the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG


A story made of people

The Escartons and Waldesian Valleys Local Action Group was established back in 2002, immediately organising its corporate structure and working groups with the aim of drawing up the first projects and providing the first funding to organisations and enterprises.

Since then, we have never stopped. By getting to know the many realities that make this area unique and establishing a fruitful relationship with the various municipalities, specific calls for proposals have been published, capable of meeting the real needs of the community.

From the outset, our contribution was to develop proposals and secure funding. This gave rise to important supply chain interventions and projects to enhance local culture: from tourism to agriculture, from social inclusion to small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the programming periods, the LAG allocated non-refundable resources to numerous public bodies, companies, and associations, enabling many to start new activities and others to breathe new life into existing projects.

Thanks to a membership base that is representative of the entire territory, the Escartons and Waldesian Valleys LAG has over the years become a point of reference for local companies and public bodies, with collaboration as its backbone.