Innovative Heart

Heart of the Alps - Innovative Heart

How can innovation respect the roots of a territory?

The Innovative Heart project aims to make innovation accessible to local businesses. In order to achieve this goal, it is intended to provide suitable tools and support the area to provide opportunities in this regard, particularly in the tourism sector.
The actions are aimed at facilitating collaborations between companies and with workers, developing a cross-border service offer, and fostering the emergence of a supply chain of excellence with a European scope.
The project becomes a pathway for the development of an “intelligent territory”, starting from the elements and peculiarities of each area involved. In order to accelerate this growth process and respond to the need for innovation in the local economic fabric, the project poses cross-border cooperation and the development of a network for the exchange of best practices as innovative solutions.

LAG actions

B2B platform

CWith the aim of providing local enterprises with a space where they can develop a supply chain of excellence and where they can bring together the demand and supply of services and products, the LAG worked on the development of a B2B platform that would be the hub for all the realities involved and for business operators.

Innovative Heart - B2B platform

Creating a Network

Through an organic collection of data on the presence of companies in the area, the difficulties and opportunities in the area, we aim at the development of a cross-border network that will enable the development of synergies and supply chain solutions.

Innovative Heart - Creating a Network

Living Lab for Enterprises

A space where innovative ideas can be born, based on collaboration and exchange of best practices from the territories.

Innovative Heart - Living Lab for Enterprises